Pendulum Instruments

Pendulum designs, develops and sells Time and Frequency analyzers/counters, Frequency standards and Fiber distribution amplifiers. Also we offer a large portfolio of GPS signal generators developed by Orolia.
Design and development is done in Sweden and Poland and the production is done in Poland. Sales is done through close to 100 distributors and Reps world wide. Pendulum has offices in Sweden, Poland, USA and Russia.

The products are used in a large number of different places. Mainly they are used to calibrate or generate frequency in automatic test systems testing electronics or in calibration laboratories. The instruments are also used for Research and Development purposes for example within 5G development or radar applications for colllision systems for autonomous driving.

Pendulum is investing both in R&D and in sales and marketing and has just moved into a new building outside Gdansk Poland.

The turnover for 2019 is projected to be around 4 million Euro.